Best Running Blogs in the Blogosphere

I’m pretty active online and my Google Reader probably hates me with the amount it has to harvest on a given day, but that amount of readingBest Running Blogs inspired me to write a post about the best running blogs on the web.

I need to qualify this first. This list is about independent blogs, none that are affiliated with a traditional media outlet like Runner’s World, or anywhere else like that. The list is also not completely objective. I factored in things like Alexa Rank, Compete unique visitors (if applicable) and number of comments per post. I also factored in my opinions about the content, community involvement and value to the reader.

With all that said, here is my list of the best running blogs out there:

I know I missed some fantastic blogs in putting together this list and I apologize for that. Keep in mind this is my list of the best blogs, which combines objective and subjective data.

Please leave comments with other great blogs to be either be included in the post or in a future post.

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  • Noel Paine

    Nice list! Here is one I write as a Canadian runner :)


  • tonymarkey

    Some of these links are so broken! Needs an update - but an appreciated list nonetheless! Some
    really good running blogs thought - I think Jill will Run and Half-Fast
    (that guy is FUNNY!) are the most fun so far. Mine:

    Tony Markey

  • Vito La Bella

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  • A Runner

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  • Katrina Idstein

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